21 Day Transformation

21 DAY TRANSFORMATION is a complete program designed to transform your health in only 21 days. You will shed body fat, lose inches, increase your energy, and boost your self-confidence all while providing your family with healthy, wholesome, real meals that actually taste good.

21Day TransformationThe 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION includes the following:


The 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION takes the guesswork out of healthy living. You will have my support as you create new maintainable healthy habits. This is not a diet; it is a lifestyle. Take your first step to living the life you dream of.  

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The next 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION group will start March 6, 2017. To be added to the group, please register for the program, “friend request” Gina Schade on Facebook and “like” B Present Studio’s Facebook page. You will be added to the group two days prior to the start of the program.  


*To be put on wait-list for the next 21 Day Transformation, email me at gina@bpresentstudio.com. 


“Thank you for such an awesome, well-rounded program that works! The 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION helped me to cut the unnecessary snacking I was doing throughout the day and also helped me with portion control. After following the meal plan and consistently attending barre, I feel great and am so energized! I am approaching my 42nd birthday and I have never felt better inside and out!!! I have lost 10 lbs, my pants are looser, and I no longer have the ‘muffin top’ that I hated! In fact, I have to go shopping for new workout pants! My husband is down 17 lbs and was able to tighten his belt by two loop holes! Thank you again for much an amazing program. It was actually a lot of fun and the recipes were spot on!” – Jeanette


“Thank you so much for a great program. This truly has been a transformative experience for me! In the first few days of the program, I had to stare down the vat of peanut M&Ms in my office kitchenette every time I went in to fill up my water jug, like it was a showdown. Somehow, by the end of the TRANSFORMATION, I don’t even notice what used to be my mortal enemy! My attitude—and sweet tooth—for sugar has been completely altered. It is no longer the enemy—in fact, it doesn’t factor in to my daily decision-making at all, thanks to healthy, filling snacks and great-tasting meals that are full of the nutrients that my body so desperately needed! I was pleasantly surprised at the meals offered in the plan; my family devoured so many of them and it has changed the way my husband and I think about feeding our kids. I have more energy and more desire to work out on a consistent basis. I’ve lost 8 lbs and have dropped a pant size. Thanks again for everything!” – Mandy


“I did the 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION because eating healthy in December was a challenge for me and I wanted to start the year off on a positive and healthy note! The recipes were really easy to make and made me excited to food prep each week! I was able to incorporate these healthy meals in my ‘real life’ because my daughter and boyfriend liked them too. We all have seen a spike in our energy levels!!! Thanks for putting this healthy option out there for people to enjoy!!!” – Megan


“This was my second 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION, as I wanted to continue to build on the knowledge that I gained from the first round. After my first round, I loved the changes that I had made and LOVED how I felt. The second round built on the foundation that was started in the first round and gave me the security that I needed to take what I have learned and apply it to ‘real life’. I got so tired of always falling back to my old, unhealthy ways and this program finally taught me WHY to choose healthy ingredients, WHY my body needs water, WHY planning and preparation is so important, and how I can make healthy, delicious meals for my entire family. This has truly changed my life and I can’t thank Gina and B Present Studio enough! You all do amazing things for people! I am so thankful for all of you!” – Katie


“First and foremost, Gina and B Present Studio did a FANTASTIC job putting this program together. It was comprehensive and flexible, the food was really good, and the lists for restaurant meal suggestions, emergency frozen dinners, and grocery products really sets you up for success. It is very clear a TON of work went into developing this program, and it is well worth the participation price—you are getting an extraordinary value. The PDF contains a treasure trove of information. I will continue to use the recipes forever. I plan to continue the program for another month on my own—I genuinely enjoyed it!” – B Present Member